Saturday, March 20, 2010


Harvey emailed me once to inform me on an evening he had had the last weekend.

He had shown up at a party where he vaguely knew some people.

There was fried chicken being served, and my friend decided to see if the chicken could fly. He then proceeded to hurl the chicken over the roof of the house.

He was utterly devastated by the results.

On his way home, he ventured into a grocery store in search of food.

He passed a woman in the bread aisle and stated "Some Chinese people came to me in a dream last night."

The woman responded, "What did they say?"

He said, "I don't remember." And moved on.

I would have moved on too, there's not answer to a question like that.

Soon, he came upon another woman and pleaded "They need to play more Michael Bolton in here."

She replied, "Sure."

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