Sunday, March 28, 2010


Lecture by Management
(clever management)

Use of such content in the documentation will lead to the thinking, by others, that it is evident that you categorize your thought processes using a pasta strainer as a filter.
Furthermore, your written words are beneficial to no one. It is clear that you choose to need more training. Bottom line: see how your interpretation of the overall effect of your last email sent was received.
Listed below are some key points to remember:

Going the extra mile is far beyond our goals to police the out sourcing of adults listed as professionals.

It is possible somebody completed the week in response to the moment rather than to improve or do.

While we may be out of stock, we are not doing cartwheels, ecstatic with kudos in response.

Our corporate dashboard is made up of a grid of consumers: we need to push the core in order to stopping dropping these plates we spin on our fingers as we hash out the end user to further bomb our customer and dance happy at five, four and up into the evening.

If we have to add change to the list of what got us helpful, you will realize that what will suck will be the feedback we receive, stretching this thing into something that could be called important.

At the request of our new management, remember to record whole negative numbers in the program "LOU."

Geared up for the Fall quarter, remember that a call that sounds like a disclaimer is read three times and duly noted. should know that the sales are lagging as incorporated in the track of fresh meat we are using to translate the issues in order to stay productive.

Simple navigation, encompassing vague content due to programmer suggestions of content depending on comment will produce none of one of the positive effects of the subject.

In the weeks to come, leave all case out of documents, period.

First, you guys, in form order, be friendly and leave a reminder so that we don't repeat the mistakes of long ago.

Damn it, if it's stormy and dark then you have been beyond deadline and need to think about A, B, and C.

The time received is not an option; continually be essential to our company and your documents.

Help keep our text quality.

Thick, thank, drink, and point!

Thank you

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