Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mel Gibson

Passion Fruit

By: Ronald Baulm

It was just before dusk when I began crying.
Looking at it hanging on that Popsicle stick, nails plunged into its fleshy skin...I wept.

I would like to see your this farce on Mel Gibson's Passion and win an all expense paid trip a dinner with, um, I'll send you a buck through Paypal!

A good way to start about it is to buy a passion fruit and look closely at it. I would recommend three to four hours of this. Then, read the part in the Bible about Jesus...I think it's in Genesis. Right after they shoot Spock down into the atmosphere of Earth where he grows up all fast and – oh, there's that part with Moses and those things they put in his ears.
Anyway, send all responses to From there I will review and tabulate the results using a calculator and some punch cards. From there we'll determine the winner!
And send them a buck.
So, remember: The Passion Fruit as Christ. We'll display the winning entry on Easter.
God bless,

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