Monday, March 29, 2010

Uday 2

Levi Presents:
Uday Hussein on.....


What was the question?
Yeah. Yeah. We were like a family in some ways.
What would I look forward to?
Uh...we had these dinners. We would have these great dinners with lamb and wine and all these people.
We'd feel so potent with our country.
Yes. Potent.
The dinners climaxed with our father's great speeches. But, it was always the same speech and for the life of me I cannot remember it.
It's like a joke now. You know, how I can't remember a speech that was said over and over again.
What was he like? any father. He was forgetful; I'll remember that.
He forgot everything. You'd ask him what he had for breakfast and he wouldn't know. But, if you asked him about our plans of war he'd have them verbatim...verbatim.
Sure, my brother and I got along. Did he try to kill me? Sure. That's how it was. It' don't know how it is. It's different when you're part of what you call a regime.
No, he wasn't. He was never...I did things out of evil, he was's funny, because he was more the humanitarian, bodies and all.
I'm more, I don't know, focused on the kill.
Frathouse? I don't understand?
Oh, yes, my bedroom. I love the ladies - especially your American girls. They're sluts you know. We may be dirty, but your women excel at the sex side of the porn trade.

This has been another edition of Uday Hussein on Life...

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