Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shadow Gov't

Shadow Government

(Editor's Note: apparently the word "Nazi" cannot be used in the subject line of a post. So, if Nazis decide to take over the planet, we'll never be able to communicate it and warn the others.)

It's no secret that the President is a fan of mass murder. Sure, we can all swallow mass murder when it's thousands of miles away and is done in the name of some grandiose principle.

But, what is unknown to Earthlings everywhere is the President's massive lust for a good Snuff film.

It was on a vacation in Belize when I came upon one Tony Gosh. Tony is a flesh trader in South America and an associate introduced me to him in an attempt to write a story on the American flesh trade.

But, what I wouldn't have expected was the White House's involvement in the practice. Not only were they involved; they were key principles in the consumption of flesh.

After drinks and some of the finest Columbian white powder, Tony and myself drove to his villa in Belize City.

"Look at this." Tony said as he pulled on an urn and revealed an old-style fireplace secret passage. I watched as the fireplace, still lit, revolved to reveal a staircase.

At the bottom of the staircase was a large movie screen with theater seating. Tony and I sat in the middle and he called an attendant on a walkie-talkie to bring us drinks.

Within minutes a young blonde girl came with the three beers I had ordered. Tony took his Daiquiri from the young girl and kissed her on the neck.

My moral compass was spinning towards anger, but I am a professional and I don't play games with my emotions while on assignment.

Especially when I have a stab at taking down the most powerful man in history.

After more cocaine and light talk about the drug trading he played with on the side, he cued the lights and the movie began.

The first participant on the screen was a large brutish man with a chain saw. A voice off camera was giving the man directions to start the chain saw. The man couldn't seem to get it to work and the director cursed in disgust.

The camera must have been placed on a bookshelf or something, as the director came around to help the savage.

Low and behold, Carl Rove was in the middle of the room in black leather with a chain swinging from his neck. He grunted at the savage and pointed at the primer and made jerking motions at the starter. The savage seemed unable to comprehend, and Rove bit the man on the check, drawing blood.

The animal-man screamed in agony and Rove began to foam at the mouth, beating his chest in anger.

Next, Rove went into a crying jag and squatted on the floor, moaning "I've been so bad."

The animal-man bent down and consoled the thumb sucking Rove and whispered something in his ear.

I don't know if it was acknowledgement of the instructions of the chainsaw, but it seem to get the Snuff film back in gear.

The monster started the chainsaw and I could no longer hear a word over the buzz of the blade.

Next out was a young woman in a wedding dress. Hands pushed her from a hallway and...

You get the picture.

After the movie was over I asked Tony how far into the White House this went and he explained that it went to the top and has for years.

He then went on to explain a secret cabal of power that has existed on this Earth for thousands of years.

All of a sudden every black ops or shadow government theory became a reality. Every conspiracy was now true. The devil had a physical lineage and they have controlled the world since their arrival and slaughter of the early Mayans.

"The White House is actually built on a portal to the other side that has been sealed and will not open until the return of the ancient people, when Satan himself will be set free to battle HORSIES!



Bet you didn't see that ending coming.

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