Saturday, March 20, 2010


coffee pot and cup pop out of nowhere upon the tray. The pot pours itself into the cup like a ghost is waiting on me.

I sip from the cup and notice sugar.

I offer the Tweedles a cup.

"No thank you!" They sound incomprehensibly stupid.

I tell them it's the best coffee I've ever had and make the joke that I was worried it would taste like blue jeans.

"But, what do those taste like?" They both ask.

"It was a joke." I tell them.

"We love jokes." They look at each other a little perplexed. "But, we didn't get yours. Perhaps you know some more?"

"No" I tell them, "That's the only one."

"What about the one where you wake up alone in an apartment that you can't leave?"

I try to tell them that's my favorite one, but instead I wake up in an apartment, by myself, and unable to leave.

I get up and take a shower. It's 8.30 and normally I would be going to work; but I can't today.

After dressing, I walk into the living room and sitting on the counter is a cup of espresso.

I know it's an Americano with just enough sugar and just the right temperature.

I turn on the TV.

They told me I could watch anything and I say "The Prisoner."

If they found the joke funny, they didn't show any sign as the TV lit up and the Prisoner resigns from British Intelligence.

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