Saturday, March 20, 2010

Broke Again

Broke Again

It's payday and I'm far beyond broke.

It all started a week ago when I started buying drinks for everyone. Everyone loves the guy who buys them drinks.

And now I have no money. It's a case of poor planning. I shouldn't have paid for the drinks.

So, last Tuesday my rent check bounced.

I've been holed up in here waiting the inevitable. Some form of chicken scratch on my front door, or a phone call demanding retribution, plus the NSF charge is haunting me like Amityville.

See, the bank will cover my overdrafts and I guess I got a little overdraft happy and found out that they don't cover over a grand.

So, I'm fucked.

I was already overdrawn 280. So, now I have 890 in the bank after being paid and I need to pay the 930 rent, plus the NSF and maybe a late fee.

So, as what can only be described as abstract thinking, I tried to take a 2 grand line of credit from the bank. They haven't called back.

This is probably because I owe 280 on the car, 40 on the previous line of credit, and 121 on another loan.

Now, there is a bail out. I could pay my 401K loan off and take another loan from it; say 5 grand.

But, in order to do that I have to pay 280 to 401K and wait at least a week to get the 5 grand. In that time my apartment manager will probably send hired goons to toss me out my second story window.

So, the other option is family. Ma is sporting me 100, but that's probably not going to push it into the grand I need.

So, I could hit her up for more money; but, then again, I do have some tingle of a conscience.

What now? What now?

Is this how people turn to crime?

How do you load a shotgun and put on a ski mask?

Learn more in my new book So, You've Decided to be a Social Parasite.



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