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Nine Inch Nails: With Teeth

Leaked Clips


Chris Connelly's New Album


Ministry Side Trax


Elliot Smith Blows Except for the Self-Titled Album


So, here it is: all the 30 second clips from the new nails album.

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Here's a critique, based on only 30 secs of each song, barring THTF and TLBTB (which I have in full and won't share cuz I'm a hypocritical pirate geek, just joking. personally i hate everyone who refused to share this album with people. i think they are the lowest form of geeks since KKKarl Rove):

All the Love in the World: Sounds a lot like the amazing instrumentals from Still, but with lyrics. Not sure what the song is about. 8.0

You Know What you Are: Very hard to discern what this will sound like. Maybe a bit like "The Wretched." I'm guessing it's directed at our president his men. Again, very hard to figure out how good/bad this will be. 7.0

The Collector: Sounds very poppy, like a Foo Fighters song. Oh, wait, Dave Grohl is on this album; what am I thinking? I don't like it much. I'm guessing it's a jab at media content. 5.0

The Hand That Feeds: When I first heard this song, I wanted to shoot myself. It's VERY poppy and the lyrics sound like they came from a GI Joe-type cartoon intro. But, I've heard clips in better quality and it's starting to grow a bit on me. But, I still see me skipping past this one. My guess is the song is about the utter stupidity and sheepishness in anyone who voted W. last year. Before you email me, young Republican: I didn't write the song. 5.0

Love is not Enough: I like this one. The guitars are great and it has that all-powerful "stripped down" quality to it. I like it a lot. Especially the "Hey's." I'm guessing the song is about the hypocrisy of hippies thinking they're gonna get over on love and such, when they're just as annoying as conservatives. 7.0

Everyday is Exactly the Same: This is another that's just too short a clip to say. It sounds great, I like the background noises, and the title reminds me of my own pathetic life. I think this song is about my shitty life. Really, I think Trent Reznor tripped the light fantastic and lived in my head for a good week. Again, no clue, not enough on the clip. 7.0

With Teeth: K, my first word of this came from a forum that said it sounded like this: "With-uh, Teeth-uh." And I'm like, that blows. But, on hearing it: it fucking works. Big time. The music is killer as well. This may be the best song on the album. It's the title track, and it's probably got something to do with Trent pulling the gloves off on this album, and going to full CAPS. 10.0

Only: Another killer song. Sounds a lot like "Into the Void," but who cares, it works. This was described in Rolling Stone as being spoken word, Prince-like, and having a "Billy Jean" beat. I think they fucked up. I can kinda hear a "Billy Jean" beat, and maybe it's spoken word, but the prince thing is probably "Sunspots." I like this song a lot. My guess is it's the great rip on Republican entitlement. 9.0

Getting Smaller: Apparently there's a leaked full version of this, but I wouldn't bother. This song sounds like shitty Pearl Jam – and I wasn't the first to make this comment. Actually, it was a Pearl Jam fan, but never bother. This seems to suck. This song probably has something to do with losing one's personality or self through boredom and drinking and...oh, I started explaining myself again. 4.0

Sunspots: And I thought "Only" would be the new "Closer." Well, judging by the title. Anyway, this song sounds a lot like Prince or Lenny Kravitz or, basically any Rock and Rolling black man from the eighties...wait for it....and it works! It sounds pretty e-rotic. It's a "Closer"-type song, so you know what it's about. 8.0

The Line Begins to Blur: Fucking awesome. I've heard the full version and I can't stop listening to it. It definitely is one where you think "Hmmm....yeah, this is good." Then it goes up exponentially from there. Especially the part after the first chorus. I love this song. Another "stripped down" feeling song, with strong drums that remind me of "When the Levee Breaks." I'm guessing it's a ref to some part of Ursula LeGuinn's (spl?) book The Lathe of Heaven. It's a story about a guy who can control his dreams and they become real, but then this guy manipulates the power and aliens come down and Will Smith battles them like a champ. In fact the rest of the songs on the album are about this. See, first half: Bush bashing, second half: Will Smith and aliens.10.0

Beside You in Time: Spooky. It sounds like the end of the world. I like it. Real moody and detached. The background "marbles nailing each other" sound is wicked-bad. 9.0

Right Where it Belongs: Sounds very Donny Darko Soundtrack. Considering Trent may be working on the next "guy who wrote donny darko" movie (I hate research), this shouldn't surprise. This is the "Hurt" of the album. A tearjerker, complete with all your friends, family, world cheering in the background as you reflect on your life. Or, it could be the sound of aliens zapping everyone around you because you made the mistake of dreaming about it. Either way, this song is pretty good. 8.0

Chris Connelly: The Night of Your Life

Dude, buy this album. It's super strange. It's like blue grass and lounge music. I'm out of write, but seriously, this is good album.

Ministry: Side Trax

This is also awesome. Buy this album. It's a bunch of side projects from Ministry.

Newest Elliot Smith

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