Monday, March 1, 2010

I get Mad


- Most discs show up scratched, broken, or basically unplayable.

- I purchase a gift subscription, so that I wouldn't have to worry

about paying on my VISA for the service for awhile. The gift

subscription was completely paid for and I now find that I

cannot redeem it because VISA doesn't CURRENTLY have any money

on it. Keep in mind: I already paid for the subscription. So,

because I don't have money in my account, I cannot receive the

service that was paid for. So, what they want is to make sure

that once the paid for service is up, they have access to your

account to keep the service going passed the gift subscription.

It's basically a con.

Avoid Netflix. Terrible service and overall a con. I would go with

the new Blockbuster system as I have heard it is much better with

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