Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chewbacca Abortion Practice


And so on.

It's nice to have a balanced meal. I figure this way I won't make whatever is easiest and unhealthy.

The TV, I have decided, has also fallen into the easiest, unhealthy category.

So, now, I've decided to regulate that as well.

I turn on the TV.

It's on channel 905, which is the Hard Rock channel. It plays music and displays factoids on the artists.

I will watch TV in half-hour increments of eeach and every channel.

I have upwards of 300 channels. I will refuse any special channels my keepers could grant. I will move up one channel in each increment. So, in 150 hours I will be through every channel.

Well, not literally; I'm not going to watch TV for 150 hours.

I watch the Power Rock channel now, and here are some interesting facts about a band called Staind.

- The lead singer is two midgets in a long robe.

- Their first single was "Chewbacca Abortion Practice."

- The band got its name from a smoker's toothpaste.

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