Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bill Cosby Thing

Typical and how Bill Cosby is Missing the Point

"When the PO is a matrix PO, I display the Matrix $ amount (ie: $547.77) and the freight carrier's name (ie: Accord Trucking) in the header. If it's been overridden/changed in any way in option OPF the same info is displayed but the literal "OPF" will be shown as well beside the $matrix amount. It all displays on the same line below the EXT NLC line in the header. "

- Programmer I work with

So, I have writer's block. Or, rather, I have nothing to write about. Yesterday was a typical day. Nothing of note. No drugs, sex, or violence.
Most of the day at work was spent rewriting instructions on how to clean a printer.
It seems the we no longer deal with a certain printer company, so we can't use their (may or may not be) copy written printer cleaning instructions. So, it was my job to rewrite these instructions.
Fair enough. But, it seems there was a change and I had to redo them. Well, I had lost the soft copy and was required to rewrite them. This took most of the day.
Aside from that, I blatantly asked for sex from several women who still have the nerve to email me and went to Taco Time.
Scott was being retarded again and wouldn't leave his desk to join me in the feast of tacos that I had to eat by my lonesome.
After work, I got ripped.
I took a good week off of getting ripped, because I was so ripped that I could no longer fit in my car. My carpooling partner is out on honeymoon, so I could no longer ride in the back of his truck (the only place my ripped body could fit).
So, I took a week off and began getting ripped again last night after work. My scrotum was looking a little chubby, so I knew I had to begin the ripping again.
Dawning my headphones and "Where's the Beach?" T-shirt I proceeded down to the Pebble Cove gym. Inside, I was alone...for a bit. Soon, a woman walked in and demanded to use the TV. I kept my headphones on and bobbed my head in agreement. Soon, I was watching BET.
BET has changed a lot since I last saw it: you guessed it, nothing but Benson.
Benson 2000, that is. In Benson 2000, Benson is now the President and he knows how to party. In the episode I was watching he had Kraus bent over a barcalounger, covered in plastic, and was doing her from behind while drinking Gin and smoking a fatty.
Maybe Bill Cosby is right.
Bill is going after black youth for having crummy grammar and superficial outlooks on life.
Hey, Bill, can we get the dad from Family Ties to go after white youth?
Maybe have Sulu from Star Trek go after Asian youth?
Hell, the problem isn't black youth, it's youth in general. Maybe I'm just getting old...hell, I remember when I was young and I acted the same way. But, I fucking grew out of it. The youth of today (every genre) don't grow out of it.
And it's not just the rap culture, it's the drunk/party culture. It only takes a trip out to Colorado to see my friend Matt, on the flatbed of a Ford, drinking Early Times and listening to "Courtesy of the USA" or some shit to realize the whole Country trend is just as ugly.
Cosby worries that black youth aren't going to be able to get a job wearing their pants around their ankles. Well, take a trip to Enumclaw and ask yourself if you would hire a guy in Chaps and a cowboy hat to run Accounting for you.
The problem isn't with youth, the problem is with the people that don't grow up.
One ugly sign of the times is the way superficial ideals have taken over the generation. Turn on any MTV channel and you'll see a butt load of half naked chicks dancing around some stooge with a 3000 dollar hat throwing bills around and drinking Crystal. In the early nineties the message was "Fight the Power" the message now is "Fuck it, get rich and enjoy a B.J. on your credit card." That's what's really running this, too. The fucking credit card companies. How many 20 year olds do you see on a given day driving a brand new BMW? I'll wager a shitload. You think a 20 year old can afford a BMW? When I was 20 I could barely afford my 85 Prelude.
This brings me back to friends I have. Some are 28 grand in debt. All on one credit card. This doesn't include car loans.
I had a buddy that by the time he was 20 he owed 30 grand. You know what he bought? Jet skis and motorcycles.
There you go: a gambling society. A bunch of kids who run up credit card tabs hoping to win the lotto to pay it off. Hell, how many times have I overdrawn my account and daily went to the mailbox hoping, for some reason, someone would send me a check. Lord, and don't get me started on the casino revolution in this nation that is also milking these dreams. It's no wonder the casinos started popping up during the Dot Com lie that fueled the economy for five years. Meanwhile, we have a President who is cutting taxes and buying more shit.
We are a drunken gambler on a bender and soon the guy in the Armani suit with the blackjack is going to be knocking down our collective door looking for the bill.
That's why I'm trying to kill myself with booze and smokes.
Hell, I don't want to be there.
Oh, well, I guess I was talking about my typical day. But, I guess this kinda dropped out.
Hell, it's not like I'm innocent. I'm guilty as fuck. I've spent entire paychecks on taking women out, buying CDs, booze, drugs, and what have you.
But, if you want to know about Hell, you don't go to Jesus.
Yes, this will be my new deal: I will use this blog to inform on the evils of this world from one who is so haunted by evil, my facial hair grows only in a patch under my nose.
So, the lesson for today: Bill Cosby needs to go after all youths, everywhere, for not growing up. Our culture is going bankrupt quick. And the freight carrier's name will always display in the header.

Bill E. Cosby

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