Thursday, November 12, 2009

Till the Morning's Gone

I'm beginning to hate Blair as much as Bush

The twit said the world "fell asleep" after September 11th, in response to the London bombings.

Just which world is Blair living in? Does Bizzarro Superman know that Blair is on his turf?

Everyone I know who didn't give a fuck about current events before 9/11 is now a specialist on international affairs. Those who did pay attention are now playing fantasy foreign policy on Internet leagues.

Meanwhile, the "Terror Alert" goes from orange to red every day, I can't check out a library book without NATO knowing about it, and if I see another "Support our troops" sticker I'm going to puke.

Fuck you, Blair! Everyone has been wide-awake. Did you expect Londoners to frisk the person next to them on the subway? Did an American homemaker in Lacrosse, Wisconsin fail to be vigilant enough to take a pilgrimage to Pakistan and weed out the terrorist cells operating there? Should I have posted every link to terror sites on the web and have some sort of intelligence station in my home to help Tony hunt the bad guys?

Blair, you smarmy twit, everyone was awake it's just that you're too involved in a bullshit war to notice the one that's actually threatening your people.

Dumb ass.

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