Thursday, November 12, 2009

Until the Morning's Gone

I'm here to fix the crappa

Hello? Anyone home? Fix-it guy. I'm here to fix the crappa.

Oh, there you are. Hey, I'm Jim.

No thanks, coffee and me don't mix so good.

Uh huh. OK. So, where's your crappa?

You know, the crappa, where ya shit floats.

Uh, yeah, in there. Great.

Whoa! What a crappa! Is that ivory?

Good fuck, that's a helluva crappa! Man, I can't believe this. Is this a Kohler?

Really? Yeah, I heard a those. Nice crappas.

All right, let me see here: ya crappas been runnin all day, uh?

K, well, usually the problem here is that you got shit all cloggin up the – hey, is this anal lube?

Wha? C'mon, ya got it sittin' out right here and all. Are you like into that?

Hey, whoa, babe! Let's not get all crazy in here-uh! K, K, let's just fix the crappa and forget it.

All right, let me go ahead and try to plunge the fucka. Man, look at that – you been eatin' a lot a bran?

K, sorry, I guess I won't talk. Oh, crap! Lookit that! Who flushed the condom? You can't flush a condom! Getoutta here-uh!

K, sorry, sorry. All right, it looks like I'm gonna have to take out the snake – don't get excited, babe, it's not for you. Ha, ha.

K, K, sorry.

Let's just ease the snake on into the crappa and viola! Crappa fixed!

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