Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Street Knowledge (formerly) Pt. 8

Wow, I forgot I was writing this. I was just writing this thing and then all this life happened and I forgot about it.
I don't even remember what I was writing about, but I will say that from what I read it's pretty good. Probably my favorite book ever.
And I wrote it!
I can't wait until I publish this and make all that writer mullah.
Like that guy who wrote that book and made all that money.
I think his name was Wilt.
Well, a lot has changed in my life since I finished writing. I grew up a lot, took a sip of coffee and thought about not writing anymore of this.
Then I read some of it and decided that this is too good to put down.
Sure, it has no plot and even if it were to be satire or humor or ravings, it's going nowhere and most people would have stopped reading after the first half page.
Which makes THIS page the mystery page.
Sure, you might read a couple of paragraphs and stop. Or not read at all. But what are the chances that you'd make it to this point? If you made it to this point, then you get a prize. You get to sign your name "electronically" in the comments section and I will send a prayer to me in your name blessing me and my book about Street Knowledge (formerly).
They say every good writer writes about what he knows. So…
Boy, what else?
Did I tell you I've been growing gray hairs?
It's true. Just in the last three years. I decided one day, you know what? It's gray hair time, baby. And then I willed my hair to gradually turn gray or white.
More proof that I am supernatural.
I figure by the time I'm 35 I should have a full head of white. And then I'm gonna turn it brown again - but gradually. And everyone will think I'm coloring my hair, but in reality I'm magic.
I know what you're thinking – didn't you say you were 54 a couple of pages ago?
Well, I lied about that. It was a test. Like how God tests people. I figured you'd have to be pretty dumb to think I was 54. Would a 54-year-old man write this?
Of course not.
It's really hard to believe a 33-year-old man would.
But that's life for you, always throwing bottle rockets at you while you're trying get the mail.

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