Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kill The Sloth, Johnny!

What in the George Bush are you talking about, man? Say, I came down here from Okli-homi and haven't seen nay sight of them tweedle bears, man! And to think, it's Easter in Canada and my home is long gone and done for. I come a campin', man!

Man, you gotta watch that turnpike, cuz there's dragons about and they'll ride you, man. Yeah, seen em' do it, out on the wishing well, a creek apiece. There's logic in them woods, man!

So, we're at this diner apiece and the waitress, looking all like she's raring to go says to me "Hey, baby, what's the fiddle for?" So, I says:

Later in the evening we will join Floyd Baker in Tulsa for exclusive details on the Henderson case. Maggie, what's the weather looking like?

And she's all like, "Baby, you can work them hands over my instrument anytime you like!" So, I knee Harlen in the leg and he's all winkin' like, you know, cuz he knows the deal. So, I says:

Weeks later, we still don't know what caused the Renton fire, but we do know the culprit is still at large, still dangerous, and may be still living in the area. Back to you, Ted.

Well, before you know it, she's back at my place and I'm totally givin' her the tongue in the ear bit – that drives them women crazy every time, man. Every time.

She starts moaning in my ear about wanting to play my fiddle, and she starts unbuttoning my overalls. Well, I turns to her and says:

With low pressure over the central coast and high pressure coming down from Canada, we're in for the storm of the century. Our pin point, Doppler radar is recording winds as high as 98 miles per hour. This is definitely a day to stay in doors.

Well, before I know it, she's got my fiddle, if you read me, down her throat and she's working it like a dolphin. So, I'm just about to go, I says:

Join us tomorrow morning at six for the latest. Thanks for joining us. Letterman is next.

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