Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Street Knowledge (formerly) Pt. 5

In the beginning there was light. And this was good. But then there was lightning, and this was rad. Then there was heat lightning, and this was hot. Then there was some wind. Then you could hear the lightning, because it took awhile, because you see it was very far away.
Then there was evolution. And the evolution turned all the lightning into water and land and crap.
Then the land had an earthquake and all these gummy bears rose up in the water and slowly evolved into people like you and me.
But I was God.
Then I told this one dude to kill this other dude in my name and he did it and I was like "Whoa, I really am God."
This went on and on and I got people to do some pretty bitching stuff. Like that time that guy made nuclear weapons – that was me. I was like, how could I make stuff like lightning again, but still impress people.
That's when God went nuclear.
I mean I went nuclear.
Oh, and love your neighbor.

I mean, that's the kind of way I should have started this, and maybe I will, but right now my fingers hurt and I'm really thinking I should go look for a job.
But before I do that, let me ask you this – Have you ever owned a pony?
I have never met anyone who has ever owned a pony. Feel free to let me know if you did. I would encourage you writing about it.
How many bestsellers involve ponies?
Stallions – yes. Ponies – no.
Sure, there are toys devoted to ponies, but who buys toys in this day and age?
Children. And children are naïve.
Also, they have no money.
Except those rich ones that have ponies.

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