Sunday, November 1, 2009



With FEMA director Michael Brown and Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff.

MB: So, boss, where we going?

MC: Well, Mike, we're just gonna sit down in this bayou and have us a little lunch.

MB: Oh, boy, boss! Can I pet the rabbit?

MC: Later. Now, look Mike: you've done a really great job directing FEMA for the last few years, but there's always a need for change in one's career.

MB: Sure boss! Sure! What's next, boss? Huh? We gonna go clean up the city?

MC: Mike, I don't think you're listening. We no longer need your help on the New Orleans project.

MB: That's that city, right? The one with the black people?

MC: That's right, Mike. Now, I want you think of that city now. Don't you remember how beautiful it was?

MB: Yeah, with all the pretty lights and rabbits and doggies!

MC: That's correct. Wasn't it so nice?

MB: Yeah boss! Yeah!

MC: Now, close your eyes and think of the pretty rabbits.

MB: Oh boy, boss! OK!

MC: (Singing) Run, run rabbit run Dig that hole, forget the sun, And when at last the work is done Don't sit down it's time to dig another one


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