Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jam Till the Evening

2000 ways to make a cockroach. There are. Gnomes began attacking the village around ten and the villagers ran to the great water pump. Sundown now. Gnomes everywhere. The empty bodies of the villagers litter the village. The Gnomes eat out the insides. They have full reign. The Gnomes. The villagers have now died out. The Gnomes begin elaborate programs to teach the children Jujitsu. Crime runs rampant and the neighboring villages worry that the Gnomes will come after them with their Kung Fu kick action. A fire on the beach gives warning to the others that Tomahawk missiles will soon be vaporizing the Gnomes. But, the Gnomes are clever. They are clever Gnomes. They reach out to the Sun God Sagittarius and beg for protection. The missiles evaporate like sand falling from the sky. "There's no way we're ever going to stop these Gnomes." "Are the Gnomes going to attack us?" "Damn them Gnomes!" Fucking Gnomes are good for nothing but stamping barley and killing the townsfolk. End quote. The villagers from Sable, that's down the road and across the table, say they've found a new and better God to pray to and the Gnomes don't have a chance. "Trust in George Harrison and the Gnomes will be exterminated." And they were. No more Gnomes. George Harrison turned them into sand right before their very eyes, they had no chance to pray for salvation. So, you know: no more Gnomes.

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