Sunday, November 1, 2009


So, we're in space now. Do you like my Milky Way...ALL OVER YOUR FACE!!!!
Oh, but I kid.
No. I felt that the space theme is unique and that no one probably uses it...EXCEPT FOR EVERYONE!!!!
So, now we are in space. Isn't space wonderful? It's full of stars. Did you know that astronomers predict that we are long overdue for a supernova in our galaxy?
It's true. And that supernova will be visible to the unaided eye for a year during both day and night - that's how bright it will be. I think it would be appropriate to point at our own sun and laugh when this time comes.
So, how are you enjoying interplanetary nebulae? Isn't blowiing your fucking mind. Look right here>

Isn't that amazing? I think that's the Alderaan system, but I'm not sure. Did you know that most astronomers can't point out more than two or three constellations? Know why? Because constellations are stupid, like astrology.
Did you know that you know two things that you didn't know about an hour ago?
It's true.
Man, it's like I'm Han Skywalker and I'm totally travelling the great beyond - only I'm using the English language to do so.
See, everyword I type floats in the awesomeness of the space around me - the outerspace!
Wouldn't that be cool if we could land a plane on the moon? I mean, that would be cool. Or if we could, like, send robots to Mars?
Well, one day...if the Soviet Union doesn't beat us to it. Man, they suck. I can't wait till they tear that Soviet Wailing Wall down in Germany.
Speaking of France, have you seen that new Deuce Bigalow movie? It is so amazing! That Speilberg really knows how to do drama. It wasn't until I saw the new Deuce movie that I realized that 8 million Japanese people were killed in the filming of Saving Private Ryan.
It's true.
Greetings! From Space!

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