Sunday, November 29, 2009

A New Post

What's a Larrington?

Man, I could really go for a porno with Condoleeza Rice

I'm looking for a picture of Ed Asner Naked

That was delicious, now let me see if I can find Lionel Ritchie

Where can I find a good example of adult illiteracy?

What shall I whack off to today? I know Tonya Harding and Bestiality!

K, let's check my stats and see if anyone told me how rad I am..."double penetration"

This one speaks for itself

Dude, I wonder if Matt died that night in Vegas, let's check

I need a recipe for pork

God, that was erotic, now I need to find a picture of Lionel and Ed fucking

Check the stats, see how rad I am

Man, I am rad

Oh, my God! I totally am going to make some friends on MSN!

K, wipe up and – K, one more of Ed and Nicole Ritchie

Mr. President, I'm on it. By noon tomorrow this blog will be no more.

I wonder if he has any coke


Oi! Get a wee bit o' laffs off this bloke. Hun, bring the wee bairns!!1prDkfrY6ftdM9DDODURAwHQ!2398.entry

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