Sunday, November 29, 2009

I've Ran Out of Things to Converse with You About

I've ran out of things to converse about with you

I'm staring at the screen this morning wondering what to write about when an old coworker comes over to say hello.

Totally nice guy, really. But, it's's a certain point where I can't come up with any more conversation.

There are really not a lot of good points to me, Matt Eckert, but I can say that I have a very large imagination. What is the matter with me that I cannot come up with mindless chatter? Here's how our real convo went:

"Hey!" Him.

"Hey!" Me.

"Thought I'd swing by and say hello."
"Hey! How's the new job?"
"Great, a lot more physical work, but really great."

"Awesome. So, how's the commute?"

"Ah, well, going down there isn't that bad, but coming back – whoa!"

"Yeah, so that's in Auburn, right?"


At this point I realize I have no more questions to ask him. Not only that, I feel like if I come up with a good question/conversation piece it'll spin into a longer conversation.

I mean, I guess I could've:

"Yeah, so that's in Auburn, right?"


"Auburn, Washington?"


"In the United States, right?"

"Yeah. Good old U.S. soil."

"And you'd be giving out work for money, right?"
"Yep, capitalism."

"And that's U.S. currency, right?"
"Yeah, greenbacks."
"And, you'd be human, correct?"

"Yep, here's my elbow and here's my arm."
And so forth.


"Yeah, so that's in Auburn, right?"

"How do you think your life would change if all of a sudden you were mentally handicapped?"

"Whoa! Um. I guess I wouldn't be working down in Auburn."
"Yeah, you'd probably have to work in one of those places where you make bird feeders all day."

"Yeah, I know. Man."

"And you'd probably not have your girlfriend."
"That's right, the mentally handicapped probably only date their own."

"Yeah, I would guess it'd be a crime to date a mentally handicapped person."
"Yeah, I wonder why that is?"

"Probably the whole brain of a three-year-old thing."

"Yeah, that would suck."
And so forth.


"Yeah, so that's in Auburn, right?"


"So, wanna kill a homeless person with me this weekend?"
"Whoa! No thanks."
"You sure, they're really hurting the economy?"

"Um, later dude."

It really bothers me that I don't put my words into practice more often.


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