Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boogie in Your Butt

It smells like potatoes in here

So, Big Red is cooking a potato. It's a good smell, the potato, and I enjoy it.

It seems the potato is done. That probably means she'll soon eat it.

You can when someone is on a diet – potato and salsa. They stink of it. They reek of it.

An ex of mine went on some sort of diet where she had all these little meals she could have. Like in the morning it would be an egg and an English muffin. Then, for lunch it was chicken. Then, for dinner it was a potato with salsa. That meant that I had to eat the potato with salsa as well. I guess that's what that smell reminds me of. I got totally sick of potatoes and salsa, as I recall.

It got so that was the only thing to eat in the house. But, since I wasn't on a diet I would load it up with olives and cheese and peppers and hamburger and a slice of pizza and another potato and then French fries and.....

Man, not until I started writing about it did I realize that's what that smell reminded me of.

Oh, another good story about that particular woman and food: she made meatballs once, ran out of milk and used eggnog.

I remember biting into a meatball and thinking "this tastes...seasonal....what the???? Wait....nutmeg? No, um....." It took me ten minutes and a whole meatball to figure it out. When asked, she became super defensive and acted like I didn't like her experimental cooking.

But, I have become sentimental. The holidays are not for sentiment, they are for buying shit and I have bought loads.

See, my car was hit and I made 2040.00$ out of it and I have spent that wad down to 175.00$. I bought gifts for the family and myself. I also paid some bills and got a new battery for my car. Oh, and I drank a bunch.

No, not really. I have curbed my drinking quite a bit. In fact, I am actually sober right now.

Now, mind you I'm at work, but it's a big step.

Lord. I don't know if anyone has seen this yet, but Budweiser has a Red Bull beer. It tastes like Red Bull. That's it. There's no distinguishable beer taste. Which pretty much means it's being marketed to teenagers.

I saw Jay Buhner last night at Costco.....oh, and some kid threw up in's all for now.

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