Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm wondering if my next door neighbors are lesbians.

Is that odd?

About a week ago these two hot women moved in next door to my apartment at the good ole Sevi. There's been no indication of anything that could tell me something about what they are like. I'm quite shy and the whole idea of introducing myself sounds nerdy as hell. So, I've been hoping like hell that I run into them when I take out my garbage.

This morning, however, I heard the one roommate say to the other "Have a great day" as she left for work/school/porno film.

So, I'm thinking that sounded odd. I mean, in the morning? With a roommate? Usually, people are in a shit mood in the morning and save the pleasantries until they're filled to the rim with Brim. But, this was a request for the other to have a great day? Also, normally roommates don't exactly lavish each other with niceties. Normally, they are usually sick of each other and cherish the moments the other one is gone.

"Have a great day!"

No, the only reason ANYONE would wish ANYONE a great day is if they were in love with them.

That's just my feeling and I'm probably wrong.
And what if they are lesbians? That's not exactly a boon for me. Lesbians, contrary to most porno movies, by definition don't sleep with men.

Also, they live next door, so any chance at sneaking a peak at them through their window is shot.

So, if they are lesbians, it means that I have two women living next door to me that will absolutely never sleep with me.

So, what's the point?

There is none. It's not Nasty Nights and I'm not going to walk into a three-way trying to borrow a cup of sugar.

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