Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Jacking for Blogs

Hello, again. It's about time we delve into the minds of bloggers world round and see what's afoot.
This is from a woman in Ohio:

We have heard it mentioned as a paradigm shift, Youth Ministers partnering with Christian parents. Walk into your local Christian bookstore and you will see books, magazine articles and video series devoted to this very topic. Youth Ministers have become all too aware: if the Christian parent is not behind their child's spiritual development, the Youth Minister is in for an uphill battle.

It's amazing to me, still, even after the election, how many people are into organized religion. It's mind blowing that anyone would have a full weekend to themselves and blow a good three hours having someone else tell them what to do. Are you so unstable that you need a constant moral and social reminder of what not to do? Has the S and M spirit of corporations and government left a hole in your life that you need to fill with another whip? I have a feeling God is going to be annoyed when these people end up in heaven and keep asking "What do I do now? What do I do now?"

K, I just found the following. It's just a profile, but maybe I'm wrong about people not needing additional direction in their lives:

My name is NAME WITHHELD. I'm 19 and I've lived in Manhattan my whole life. I just got back from Germany and Amsterdam. I'm taking a year off from school cause I had bad depression and almost OD'd on speed. My girlfriend's a DJ and I'm bi-sexual. My parents got divorced when I was 9 and my Dad just bought me a Saab. I live in a town house my parents bought me on Fifth Avenue right by the park. My brother died of AIDS when I was 16. I'm a writer and I work out and do a lot of cocaine. This is my story.

Good lord! If there was a reason for Jesus, that could be it. Or maybe not. Let's keep looking.

Welcome to Da' Lounge. This is a team effort by a group of physicians who spend time in the surgeon's lounge of a major medical center. We discuss everything from the best western ever made to religion to politics. There are no rules of PC in da' lounge. The only rule is civility. Here in da' lounge, if you get too full of yourself, someone will put you in your place every time.The members range from Fundamental Christian to Conservative Atheist to Prairie Liberal and everything in between. We get along. You should too.

Hmmm....a bunch of conservatives disagreeing about when a woman goes from "loose" to "a slut." Another ding against Jesus. Here's another:

PUBLIC NOTICE. I find it interesting that anyone may anonymously register a domain name (i.e. BELIZEA .COM) and continue to lie to investors, but if someone wishes to create a BLOG and/or respond, they are required to identify themselves. It is unfortunate that the cowardly vermin who are behind WSF/BELIZEA do not have the courage or integrity to stop this SCAM even after the courts have concluded that it is not a legitimate business. And, it is unlikely that Gerhart Walch “CEO” will do so since he obviously is not prepared to accept the responsibility and the consequences of his actions, should he do so. The fact is he is an unmitigated liar. Not a single statement made in the WSF.COM (no long an active URL -see below) or the BELIZEA.COM website is true. There is no doubt that he and the major shareholders are unscrupulous cowards with greedy motivations.

Well, nothing to yay or nay the big man in this one. In fact, it's rather boring. But, I guess I won't use the Belize branch of my credit union. Let's continue to hunt:

Voici l'emplacement de tous les articles, chroniques, brèves et dossiers du Populaire.Ici, vous trouverez toute l'oeuvre du Populaire au travers de sujets comme l'antisémitisme, le national-socialisme, la dékoulakisation en URSS, la collaboration des communistes français avec l'union soviétique, etc.Tenez-vous prêts camarades, ce tiroir va bientôt être inauguré !

No fucking clue. I think it has something to do with socialism or communism. Still no Jesus. Let's move on:

This term you have two homework tasks1- The whole school task of designing a Christmas Card.2- A project on Pilgrimage.Your project should be about the city of Jerusalem in Israel.You must explain why the city is an important pilgrimage site to 3 major world religions.Which sites would Muslims, Jews & Christians visit and why?Find photos or pictures of the sites if you can.(use the internet & travel agents or the library)Explain something about the history of the city and the struggle for control of it from the 3 different religious groups.Try to find out how much it would cost to visit Jerusalem.This project must be handed in during the second week of December 2004.

K, here's a point against Jesus: making kids do homework and shit. (Stilted clapping) Way to go, Jesus. Also, the reminder of the schism between Muslims, Jews, and Christians is another mark against him. Let's do one more:

Areaserver - Dedicated Server
... Choose your server. Build your Dedicated Server, 99 euro/month, VAT not included, All Areaserver Dedicated Servers include basic functionality below: ...

Well, I guess if everyone were a Christian and such, computers and all this server crap wouldn't have been invented, as they are practical science. So, I'll give this point to Jesus.
So, Jesus loses by a point.
Man, Jesus is going to pissed off at me.

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