Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Underwater Petting Zoo

Underwater Petting Zoo Idea

So, I have this idea about this underwater petting zoo.
You take the kids down in a submarine and have all these gloves that are attached to the submarine that hang off the sides, but are accessible from the inside: like in a nuclear lab.
So, you take the kids down, underwater-likes, and they all put their hands in the gloves and get to pet any of the aquatic organisms that pass by.
Also, there'd be, like, some windows so the kids could see what they were petting.
But, it doesn't stop there.
You see, kids are stupid and no matter what kind of environment you're in, they're going to expect goats at a petting zoo.
Kids are idiots.
So, I'd hook a swarm of goats up to oxygen tanks and send them down with the sub on ropes and stuff. When the sub finally settles on the sea floor the goats would settle as well and fall slowly to the seabed.
On the seabed, they'd try to gallop or whatever, but they'd be all aquatic now, so they'd just look like retards. But, the kids are all stupid and would get a kick out of petting them anyway.
Then, I'd advertise a wild card event.
You see, sharks crave goat flesh, so, maybe a swarm of sharks would come by and devour the goats in a horror show the likes of which you haven't seen since Cambodia. The kids would be all freaked out, but it would teach them about ecosystems.

Man, my good ideas are so fucking awesome.

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