Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friggin in the Riggin

They are coming

Just joking. But, WTF? Look, read this:

Now, if you research it (I'm too lazy), this has been going on since December. I got bored at work early in December and was looking up UFOs and I found events in Australia and Southeast Asia.

Now, what it sounds like is, let's get really crazy and wonder if it has anything to do with the tsunami? I mean, chances are a meteor is going to hit the Ocean, rather than land. Now, maybe we can guess that the early December ones and the one on Tuesday were the debris surrounding a big one that hit the ocean and created the tsunami...or, they are all precursors to a bigger one to come???

Look, if we're all dead in a month, know that I was right.

Unrelated, but, has an article about how there is a great probability that we should be seeing ETs and that the scientific community is slowly coming to terms with accepting some of the many UFO or ET stories.

I guess the Mexican encounter in May is the biggest thing going.

So, to sum up: we are being visited by Mexican extraterrestrials and they are attempting to warn us of an upcoming meteor collision.

No, but the article is pretty interesting. It talks about how our star is much younger than most, and that other civilizations would be billions of years advanced. Which may not be true, when you think of the fact that nuclear science may be all civilization's end game. Like, maybe intelligent life has a shelf life and instead of mold we get a nuclear winter.

They also suggest that the answer to "how to" would be by using other dimensions (string theory) or that with billions of years of advanced time, they could meet us at below light speed travel.

Which leads me to believe that maybe the aliens are jumping through dimensions to meet us, and therefore are probably big Journey fans.

I'm sure they have ballads about life on the road...the inter-dimensional one. Imagine, your sweetheart isn't just in Tulsa, while you're in Spain. No, your sweetheart is so far away that you have to jump through dimensions again to see her. And with space-time and inter-dimensional time rifts rubbing off on you, she could end up being your cousin or brother or something.

Time is strange.

Dude, I actually, really and truly, had a dream about Richard Nixon last night. We were at some garden party and his head and neck were all swollen and bloated and bruised that he looked like a large penis. It sounds like I'm making this up, or looked at some Doonesbury comic from '74, but I really did dream this. The sad part was he was really easy going and was laughing with us as we made fun of his condition and how he was going to die soon.


So, in summation, Richard Nixon will be riding a large meteor into the Earth and Mexican aliens will be on his tail trying to shoot him down.

Can you say action and adventure?

I hate it when people say "Can you say...."

Also, "This is true" bugs the shit out of me.

Look, I know you were looking up Richard Nixon's penis on the web, so just go back to your geology project and quit pretending to be OG Larrington.



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