Sunday, August 8, 2010

C'mon Everybody

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Many of you fucking managers have a fucking underling to manage your incoming invoices, mail, etc. Well, Microsoft Outlook has a similar service allowing douchebags like you to give another person permission into your Inbox and other Outlook folders without giving that person your password.

Like anyone would want it.

Using Delegate Access you can give your pee-ons the ability to read, send, and reply to emails from your Outlook, using their sign on. Just remember to get rid of all the donkey porn.

It's simple to use and you can create delegates on your own PC. Here's how:

1. Open fucking Outlook.

2. From the fucking Tools menu, click on the fucking Options. The fucking "Options" window will open.

3. Click on the fucking Delegates tab.

4. Click on the fucking Add button. The fucking "Add Users" window will open.

5. Enter the name of the fucking employee you wish to give fucking delegate permission to in the fucking "Type Name or Select From List" field. Once the fucking name appears highlighted, click the fucking Add button. Repeat this step for each fucking delegate.

6. Click fucking OK. The fucking "Add Users" window will close and the fucking "Delegate Permissions" window will appear.

7. Delegate permission can be given for a whole fucking bunch of shit. The following permissions may be assigned using the drop down boxes. Click on one of the following:

· None: Leave this

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