Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Homo shit

Dead Animal Farm Idea

So, I have this other idea about animals.

This time it's about dead ones.

See, kids these days don't know anything about deadness. Deadness is all around us. It's in the plants, the oceans, and in convenient stores.

What kid's need to understand is that they, one day, will be dead too. But, even further, they need to know that when they die maggots will eat their flesh and they will smell even worse than they do now. Taking it another step further, kids need to know that their friends and family will also decompose and puss and look like bloody shit one day and there's nothing they can do about it.

That's why I have this idea about this dead animal farm.

On the dead animal farm, all the animals are dead and decomposing. So, the children walk in and immediately are hit with the tangiest death stank in the world and they're all like "mom, what's that smell?"

Mom will respond, that's what it's going to smell like when my bloated stomach explodes due to methane gases that need to escape mommy's body, as is God's plan.

The kid's will love it, once they get over the stench. If they don't – fuck em', they deserve little more.

So, I bet you're asking "Matt, how will we keep the animals in a constant state of decomposition?"

Simple, my ass knuckling friend – we'll continually replenish the dead animals.

See, the forest and streets of our lands are JAM PACKED with animals for the slaughter. Like, right now, I could get a raccoon, a deer, a possum, a cat, my neighbor's dog – all of them! Then, I break their necks and let nature do her work – in front of the wee children.

It's just that simple.You can get a hotdog and a coke and watch as "Terry" the cocker spaniel, gives birth to a swarm of maggots that eat her from the inside out. Your kids will love it – and learn!

What could be better?

Damn, I'm smart.

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