Tuesday, August 17, 2010



So, I'm on two hours of sleep. I couldn't get to sleep last night. Ugliness.
It all started Saturday, when I went to go watch the Apple Cup at Galassi's.
During my night, I drank beer, whiskey, beer, martinis, beer on an empty stomach....Weisberg ended up throwing up all day – I simply laid in bed till 2, catatonic.
So, when it was time to fall asleep last night, I failed miserably.
It was that ugly insomnia, when the thought of when you have to wake up for work actually wakes you up. It's like you'll get really close to falling asleep and then "k, I got four hours till" and then you're back awake.
I tried to form stories and thoughts that might be dreamlike in order to fall over into the other side of wakefulness.
I conjured up an inverse tower that juts down into the Earth. Then, I tried to figure out what it would be used for. This bored me. So, I thought about this one dream I had where I visited a mining complex on the planet Mercury. This bored me too. Finally, I settled on giant spiders that were mistakenly brought to Earth on alien ships, whose eggs were attached to the hull of said ships.
Then I thought, maybe these spiders attack people and stuff, but their venom gave you supernatural powers in the right doses and......I fell asleep around 5.
I got in bed at eleven.
So, then I wake up and go out for a cup of coffee and there's this bum sitting in the middle of the 7-11 parking lot, screeching like a banshee.
The clerk at 7-11 goes "I mop up the floor, and some guy spills a coke on it seconds later, now I gotta deal with this."
As I left, he shouted "Get out of here!" to the man.
He could've been screaming about the meal of Chinese I presume he ate, because it was all over the sidewalk. This was eight in the morning, and I'm sure spicy food didn't agree with him.
At work I debated whether to try to leave early. After realizing I pulled that only two weeks ago, I decided not to pursue it.
So, I'm stuck here...at work. Three hours to go!
Oh, and I got free pizza from a meeting down the hall. It furthered my tiredness. It was a bad move, man, a bad move.
NIN.COM has detailed info on the deluxe edition of The Downward Spiral, with additional artwork, sound bites, the whole magill. It comes out tomorrow, along with the Nirvana box set and the Seinfeld seasons one thru three.
I'm supposed to go with my father and sister and stepmother to dinner tonight. I want to just pass out, but I'm obliged, because my father thinks the world revolves around him.
I received two angry phone calls today, where my father learned that I don't get off until six, and since this doesn't fit his agenda, he decided to angrily tell me that I should get off early.
My dad is an asshole if you want to know the truth. Sure, I love the guy, but this losing his mind when things don't go his way if for the birds.
And, yes, I meant to sound Catcherintheryeish.
I finally got my 100 dollar reward from Rent.com, three months later. Man, I blew that quick. Never give a drunk a substantial amount of money on a weekend. Hell, don't ever give it to him.
Of course, I had to pick up the reward with the rest of my mail at the post office because my apartment mailboxes were burgled.
Yeah, so we get this letter from the Mgr. stating what happened and he writes "...and I was appalled to see that some of you hadn't picked up your mail from the day before..."
Dude, the guy seemed cool, but I'm getting the suspicion that he's a toolshed.
Oh well.
So, I better get back to looking up burt bacharach in google.
I love you all, so much,

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