Monday, August 9, 2010

Bullshit I Didn't Read


OK, I'll be the first to admit it: the fictionalized portrayal of the comic strip Garfield's Jon Arbuckle in the below entry was in poor taste.

That's right. Here at Larrington, our writers work long and hard for comedy "ha ha." And sometimes, we may lose scope of what we are here for – making you laugh.

Now, did the idea of an American tradition, such as Garfield, reflecting darker sides of serial killing come off as funny or just plain apprehensible? Well, America, step right up and be the judge!

Just kidding, most of you think bombing other countries for oil is a good idea, why the hell would we listen to you?

Just joking, America! See, that was just another dark side of our humor. Everyone knows all Americans are saints.

See, there's a great example, we used the absurd notion that we hate America as a joke and some of you may have taken offense. Like that one time when we wrote "all Americans should be imprisoned and gang raped" - another example of a joke.

So, when we write that Garfield's Jon Arbuckle cannot get an erection without strangling a hooker to death, it's in the spirit of humor.

Because, let's face it – dead hookers are funny.

So, to summarize: we at the Larrington hate you all so, so, so much.

Just joking.

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