Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And You May Be Getting Deleted

Standard Pract

Here is a cool website you can look at if you want to:


It is very funny and had me laughing so hard I cried and everyone kept asking me if I was OK. Besides that, I had a cigarette, defecated, and bought a coke.
I just found out that we are not playing football this Sunday. That is good, because we are going on a road trip to Portland this Saturday and I may be sick the next day. It's Josh's bachelor party and we are going to go to Portland and see strippers and drink beer.
We were going to do E, but I forgot to remind (name withheld) to get it. So, we probably won't. Also, I thought about it and I don't like the lame conversations I get into when I'm on that drug. Everyone is so phony and lovey dovey and the next day you feel like a tool for it.
Other illegal drugs I have taken:
And I think that's about it. Cocaine is annoying cuz you keep wanting more. Also, I get this nervous tick with my tongue and look like Gollum when he sees the ring. Marijuana is cool sometimes, but other times it makes you feel too weird. It is good to do before sex, though. Absinthe is kinda illegal, in the way that you cannot buy it in the states. It really isn't all that much fun.
When I did Absinthe I was with Keith and we got wasted all day and I ended up showing people at Kell's my man-tits...then I puked. It was kinda a dumb day.
Sometime around that time I went to Steve's with Keith and they played guitar and sung songs with their shirts off like hippies. I don't know why they did this, but they did and it was disturbing.
I have found this REAL BLOG to be fun, as it is all about me and my life and all the things I do, like drugs, defecate, and smoke. It's really interesting to know that all of you out there are so interested in my life. Maybe, I will stop writing fictional pieces and just write like this all the time: let me know by posting on the chat board.
OK, bye for now.

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