Monday, January 11, 2010


News Roundup

GM Slashing 25,000 Jobs!

Twenty years earlier, General Motors was shut down after the mysterious death of a factory worker and a couple of suicides. After several failed attempts at re-opening General Motors, Steve Christy (Peter Browner) is working towards making it suitable for working. Bad idea, because it seems huge losses are right around the corner and death awaits all. The local loony, Crazy Ralph (Walt Gorney), warns that General Motors has a "death curse", but it falls on deaf ears soon to be bloodied ears.

Soon General Motors takes losses into it's own hands, slashing employee after employee with a machete of low profit.

Jackson Jury Still Out

Pop star Michael Jackson (Hillary Swank) and a jury (the Original Brat Pack) are in game of cat and mouse when one is charged with molesting cancer victims and the other is "out to lunch." Or should we say deliberations. When the jury reaches a verdict, the pop star kills them one by one. But, soon the pop star realizes that they found him not guilty. The pop star then has to pretend that the jury is alive as the frustrated judge tries time and again to complete the proceedings.

U.S., Iraqi Troops Hunt Insurgents near Syria

To further his political and financial goals, an American president (Neil Patrick) sends thousands of troops to Iraq on the pretense that the rogue dictator of the country possesses weapons of mass destruction. The soldiers are repeatedly attacked by insurgents from neighboring Syria. After finding a memo that fingers the President as a manipulating con man, the Pentagon sends the McCain Force to finish the job the President botched.

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