Sunday, January 10, 2010

Personality Test

This is Bullshit, Where's the Bigger Bites?

Hey, fuckface, where do you keep the Bigger Bites? This is bullshit. I've seen dust mites with bigger wieners than this?

Yeah, well, fuck me, can you tie a couple of those fuckers up with some licorice or something? That ain't a big enough bite for me.

Oh, fuck it.

Where's the beer? Back here? Why the fuck is it all the way back there? Half your customers are buying beer, put it the fuck up front!

Damn! You're angering me now.

Oh, yeah, girlie magazines. K, pull up that rack and lift it over the counter so I can fucking look at those things.

What? Why the fuck not?

Why? You afraid I'm gonna jerk it here in the store?

That's bullshit.

Fucking garbage.

K, how about three packs of Marlboro Mediums?

Six and how much?


What the fuck am I paying for? A cop arrested me last week, the roads in this fucking state are so fucking traffic clogged that it takes me a day and a half to get to work!

Fuck this shit! Tax my ass. This fucking country's done jack and shit for me.

How do you like these apples? That's right, this nacho cheese is going through the beer case, bitch.


See that shit? How do you like me now!?

Fucking Slurpees! Come over here, you're going to have some Slurpee!

Yeah, fucker, choke on it!

I'm a very angry man trapped in a wimpy body...and I have these dreams...


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