Monday, January 25, 2010

This One Time Keith Pissed Off This One Chick

WHERE IS EVERYONE!!!!???!!!!!!

You might want to review the Terms Of Service again, Steve, before posting rude comments. I don`t appreciate anyone saying anything negative about my mother who is currently fighting for her life with cancer. Thanks for the great post. You really know how to make someone happy.

I`m Afraid some of the memebers of my graduating class may be used to the more volitile informality of other message boards. At least that is my asumption from what I have seen so far here *laughs* I am a memeber of a few myself, a parenting message board and a role play message board. I know how these things go.

It wasn`t too big of a deal until Matt used my name to create an account and said some things under that name and created a very cruel profile on it. I wonder if he is aware that I could press charges as what he did was a federal offense? It was impersonation. And the FCC can easily be notified.
I was in shock that someone would do that. I have never done anything to any of them, yet they keep attacking things I say. I feel bad that they have nothing better to do than act like they are still in school and bully people.
I don`t even like to post much now....but thought I would respond.

DAMN A very good friend of mine works for the FBI, in hacker investigations and from what he has told me you should keep track of that kinda thing for evidence in case you need to press charges, better to have it before you decide then have to gather it after.

*S* I can understand your frustration, I have a few people worming around the HTML chat circles using my aliases and it rather bugs me, since a few friends of mine were tricked by them and thought I was being a brat (I am a brat but these people were bigger brats then I am usualy) There are loads of hack programs that allow people to steal personal information that allow for such impersonations (these people used whispered information to pull it off, things I told only the people being tricked). Protect yourself now, before it becomes an issue and when it does, you have the hammer posed and ready to lower.

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