Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What do you make of that?

Standard Practi

As I explained earlier, I am posting around one.
It's 1.10 right now and I will write for approximately 8 minutes.
Since I last posted, I read some more, finished an edit, made some corrections to some printer instructions, and logged some Purchasing requests in Access.
Moments ago, I went out for another cigarette, went to use the restroom and found that some one was using the stall. I had wanted to defecate, but since another man was using the stall, I couldn't. So, I just urinated and then went and bought a glass of water for five cents.
After acquiring the water, I walked upstairs to the third floor and then looked on the internet at my stats for this blog. The stat site isn't working correctly and that frustrated me, because I like to know that everyone is reading about my life.
After the stat site, I went to Yahoo to see if I had any mail or if anyone had bombed anyone or if Bush was lying again.
After that, I began writing this.
I think tonight I will workout, shower, read, then make some food and watch TV.
Last night I went to Red Robin with Scott and Josh. There is a girl there that I'm very attracted to, but she's a waitress and I don't think I would ever ask out a waitress because it's cliché.
Also, she had a tongue ring, which I don't really like. Woman with tongue rings are usually prostitutes.
Also, I don't like it when women have tattoos, but so many women do that I guess I don't really mind.
If you are a woman and do not have a tongue ring or a tattoo, please email me at tape4dispense@yahoo.com and maybe we could go and see Kill Bill V.2 together. Or you could post a single's ad on my chat bar.
I am 6.1, 190, white, with brown hair. I don't have any tattoos and have a closed up earring hole in my left ear. I enjoy reading, writing, movies, drinking, smoking, sometimes doing drugs, and that's about all. Also, I like having sex.
OK, well, it has been eight minutes and I need to read some more.
I will probably post around 2 again for eight minutes.

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