Monday, January 11, 2010


Standard Pra

Hello, this may be the last post. In fact, I think it will be.
I think my REAL BLOG has not gone over as well as I had thought.
It seems that no one is interested in my REAL LIFE. Which, I guess I don't understand, but oh well.
I really tried to make each and everyone of you a part of my life and help you to experience my life, just as it is being lived. Which is a trick all unto itself.
Maybe it was the long interludes into my TENDER MOMENTS, or maybe it was the constant DEFECATION SALLIES.
Regardless, this will be the last post and I am sorry that you didn't enjoy my REAL LIFE as much as I did.
If you feel that this is a premature exit, let me know and I will write more about my REAL LIFE in this REAL BLOG.
Otherwise, it's back to the cavalcade of comedy with Kim and I.
What will you be giving up? Well, I had planned the trip to PORTLAND, and I have begun capitalizing IMPORTANT WORDS, and I may do something OUT OF THIS WORLD tomorrow, but, I guess you wouldn't want to know about any of that.
So, next week:
Kim has promised a story about woman with extra nipples.
I will write a thing about how I went on a trip to Portland and add a bunch of fictitious events
Arnold Plebus 6.0
More stories about how much I don't like Bush
A story about an alligator named Alex
And a charming look into the mind of Uday Hussein.
So, that's what you get: more of the same. I still don't understand how you have not been more interested in my REAL LIFE and my REAL BLOG.
I was even going to start a thing where I would say:
Listening to.....
And then I would write whatever music I was listening to, so that you could say "hey, Matt listens to the same music as I do; that is cool!"
Also, I was going to write extensively about HASH BROWNS and how they played an integral part in my EVENING.
So, I guess FRIDAY will be whatever I choose, but I don't think it will be as interesting as this. It will probably be a story about how I did something stupid and got really drunk and then used the words rabid, drunken, fucking, drugs, etc. a bunch.
I guess REAL LIFE MATT could write any of this off the top of his head and you'd enjoy it for no reason. But, when REAL LIFE MATT tells you about how he had a hotdog, you just sit and twittle your thumbs and wonder where the fun is.
I'm a little disturbed at this and I may retool this REAL BLOG and bring it back later. Maybe I'll start doing more INTERESTING THINGS.
But, for now.....

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