Sunday, January 24, 2010


Standard Practice

There's this poster in my cube of a dog driving a car, with the caption "Oh, great. The traffic cop is a cat."

There's something lousy and sad about this and I cannot quite put my finger on it, but I know it involves a certain type of manner that goes against every grain of my body.
More about my cube: we have a fridge that is rearranged, guarded, and cleaned by a coworker. She checks the fridge daily for anything amiss. If there are any food items in the fridge for more than two days, she'll inquire as to whose they are and whether they need to be thrown out. Also, if you place anything in the fridge, she eyes you, looking for anything suspicious or offensive that may enter the fridge. And in this way, she now, somewhat owns the fridge. That is why there is a picture of a dog driving a car on it.
Outside, there is a pond full of fish and discarded shopping carts that is the color of a dollar bill used to clean auto parts. People walk around this pond and chat. I have no patience for chatting, I don't even know what I would chat about.
The pond?
Probably, I don't care to talk about myself and the pond is the only other thing that would come to mind. I think I would comment that it looks like a dollar bill used to clean auto parts and then I would have nothing else to say.
The person I was chatting with would probably have other things to say. They would probably ask me questions about different things, but I still wouldn't chat. I would just answer the questions in one sentence murmurs.
Chatting is something I'm not good at.
Everyone in my cube is out today, except for me. They are participating in a "Methodology" class. I participated, too, for one day, then I decided I didn't want to go anymore. It was for three hours and I found that I couldn't concentrate on what the man was talking about and I debated whether I should work out that night for most of the time. So, I emailed my boss and told her that I didn't want to go anymore and she said she "appreciated my honesty."
So, I'm in the cube alone.
In seven minutes I will go have a cigarette and then I'm going to read for awhile.
I believe this is how "blogging" works: you write down things about yourself and hope that someone will find them interesting. This is my "blog."
I have never blogged before. I've posted things, but they weren't really about me in the literal sense. They were mostly jokes about things with angry/weird commentary. But, I think today I shall blog like the professional bloggers do, and I will tell you everything about my life today.
This will be the first posting, but I will continue to post throughout the day. Because of this, I will not edit these either (not that I do a good job of editing the others, but at least I give them a second look), because it will take too long.

I have been writing this for around ten minutes. So, I will do ten minute bursts.
OK, here we go: real blog.

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