Monday, January 25, 2010

Neutrino Demolition

I've Been Taking Nyquil in the Mornings

Help! Help! There's a frog in this drainage sewer! We have to help him! Does anyone have a cell phone! He's still alive. Oh, thank God. Thank God. K, you call 911 and me and you 'ull lift this grate. Good God, I'm glad you happened to be walking buy. OK, little fella, we're gonna help you out. K, yeah, just lift NOW! K, bring it down. All right, I'm gonna fish him out. You wait for the ambulance. K, there, there – GOTCHA! Oh, bless us all. You had me so worried. We'll nurse you back to help, don't worry. Yes, I called the ambulance! Well, she did, but I found the frog. Yeah, he was down there for at least fifteen minutes – maybe longer. This has been a miracle. Just a frog? Just a frog?! What the hell!? You BASTARD! You low down, dirty BASTARD!

This is my story. My story of just how fragile life is. I want you all to know that it coulda been you. You could have been a frog trapped in a sewer.

Some may call me a hero. But, I was no hero. I was only doing what any other man would've done when confronted with a trapped frog.

I wake up some nights and think about just what would have happened if I weren't there.

Weren' help.

Share my story with the world. For, maybe if we all saved a frog trapped in a sewer, maybe we would learn to sewers.

Good night, and God Bless.



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