Monday, January 18, 2010

Some Women


I'm Sara and this is MY PLACE! LOL!

I totaly luv blogin' as you can tell.

I'm 22 and totaly sweet. I luv 50 Cent and Eminem and I'm totaly down with any rap or hip hop.

Wel, today was totaly lame. I totaly had to work today and it sucked!!!!! I work at a Gene Juarez as a totaly bitching hairdreser and i usuallly lov my job. Butt, today totaly sucked cuz i had this woman who was all like "You didn't do my bains right!" and i was all like "Uh, yes I did."

She was a total beeotch and i told gretta the same thing. Gretta is the gay guy i work with, but he's TOTALY COOL! He was all like "go one girl" and he snaped his fingers all bad like.

I love him sooooooooooo much. he's such a sweetie.

Anyway, so then i'm all tired after work and i went to appolbees with that james guy who keeps asking me out. he totally was all over me and i totaly didn't like it, so i was all like "back the heck up, bud!"


So, i ditched james and met up with rodney and totally went down on him in this like alley behind sizzler.

anyway, tomorrow i'm going out with freddy. he's like married and has seven children, but he's totaly into me and when the time is right he's going to leave his wife and be with me.

he's such a sweetie. except that one time when he put me in the hospital for nine weeks.

anyway, i better go. the O.C. is totaly on and i totaly can't wait to see what happens! :)



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