Monday, January 25, 2010

Daddy Didn't Give Attention

I'm actually connected to the internet while drunk.

This is something of a first.

Now I can tell you all everything I really know, without spellcheck or grammar.

I've seen things you can't imagine.

Like this party where everyone was drinking champagne and beating homeless people to death. I think it was called Chuck E. Cheese's.

Oh, God, for out thou when we find a monitor the size of your strength and power we will erect web viruses to download every keystroke you have made.

And I wish I was/were/is you.

You are so beautiful in the infinite light of a Denny's left on late, after dark.

And so beautiful in your vengeful ways; when I shot a load on my laptop and you descended down in the form of an ice pick and stabbed me about the head and neck.

I love you, oh God, my God. My palace in the sky. My winter in the abyss. My salvation for times left amiss. Dear Sally, take this one from me - I forgive you for fucking the help. It wasn't your fault. It turned me on.

Oh, won't someone turn me on? There's no turnon in this abyss. Can you see why we're all pissed. But i regress. I love you Sally, you are my God.

I just possesed a loan of so much money that I keep thinking I might become homeless out of boredom. And I hate the sky. Send the sky down in intervals, don't let me catch it watching me again. It's up there, on high, so high; I wish I were high.

I'm high in this guy's front lawn, puking my brains out and thinking about how I have finally found something tangible in this lifetime.

And I wish I was Robocop. Oh, how I wish I was Robocop.



Brrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzz. Do you feel me? Do you hear me? There's no transmission like the absurd.

The absurd will save the world. Give it time. We'll elect world leaders using a bag of macaroni and nuts. Trust me.

This guy's got a gun to my head and he keeps telling me to move on. It's not like I want to. But, there's this gun hanging onto my head and I can't get rid of it.

I order fast food and I keep moaning "faster" into the intercom and balls and nuts and wreches and dead atrophied cows keep coming out of the speaker instead of words and I feel that I'm on some sort of edge of the universe.





We find ourselves surrounded by the aboriginals again and we're not sure if we should ask for forgiveness or rape????

Surround yourself with a crow.

Oh, I know? She said in a Valley Girl accent and we beat back the bow.

Like ships sailing on the grave of shit books.

Oh, here we go, we're going again, this will be a mad dash, i can feel i can

Dead presidents all aside, we will survive. send the sea shells to the autumn bells we're on a roll. give guns like onions. onion salad. you will survive all of this in your chemical blankets of prozac, valium, and alcohol. and i wish i could see you over the trees, but the trees are too tall. said dead friend on the vacant lot. send missiles into continents made of BLACK gold. God, i love an irony. sending wigets, midgets, reruns of gidget.

oh, coming is divine, but what's better than a come? kingdom? nah, nah, feel the flakes skin off our back we're baptized in silverware.

/001./111we're at a dinner table with mamma and pappa and we realize they're both shittier than we thought. we wake up and wipe sweat from our brows and thank god that


God thank Lucille Ball for the advent of the



does it matter?

Let's play a game. You and me. Let's close our eyes and see.

See stars and staircases that climb into the infinite.

Let's pretend we're there and not here.

Let's pretend I hold you and you hold me.

Let's pretend that this is


Let's pretend this is





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