Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coke Posts. Oh, Brother!

Standard Practic

Where were we now? Of course! I had just finished writing, when I went out for a cigarette. The smoking of the cigarette was uneventful: I walked downstairs, through the deli, out the door, took a path to the garage avoiding the most people, then took the elevator back up to my floor, the third.
Once back at my desk, I began reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon. It's a book about an autistic child trying to find out who murdered the neighbor dog. Very good book. It has been a long time since I read a good book. The last book I read was Porno by Irvine Welsch. It is the sequel to Trainspotting and it wasn't that great. Filth is a better book by Welsch. But, this dog book is great and I got to the climax of it.
After reading, I edited some coworkers documents. I can't believe I have this job sometimes, as I am by no means a grammarian. What I do to edit these documents is 1) I check that the Help Text appears on the computer and is formatted correctly. 2) Then I read the actual document and check for structure and grammar. 3) Lastly, I check to see that the directions that are written actually make the program work.
After that, I enter in the time it took to edit the document in Access and I give it a A – approved, AWC – approved with changes, or C – corrections.
If the document gets a C it goes back to the author and is revised.
So, I did two edits and then I decided to go across the street and get a hotdog or a slice of pizza. What usually determines which food item I order is the amount of people outside the concession. If there are a lot of people, I will get a pizza, because I can take it back to my desk. But, if there are not that many people, I will order a hotdog and sit down and eat it at a free table.
Today, I got a hot dog. It was very good. I put mustard, two helping of hot mustard, relish, ketchup, and lots of onions on it. Then I sat down and ate it in the hot sun.
A coke also comes with the hotdog and I am still drinking the coke. The combination of hotdog and coke costs 1.63 with tax.
A slice of pizza, with no coke, costs 2.17 with tax.
My cube mates have come back from their class and are now getting their own food. I think one of them said they'd get a sandwich from the deli downstairs.
The deli downstairs isn't really a deli. It's more of a lunch room with all sorts of food you can purchase. But, I hardly ever get my food down there, because it doesn't taste right.
I think this is because it's the company's "deli" and so they cut a lot of corners and probably reserve some of the food the next day.
For example, the pizza at the deli and the pizza at the warehouse (same company) taste different. The pizza ate the warehouse is the best pizza in Washington, in my opinion, but the pizza at the deli always tastes bad.
Sometimes, I will get the pizza in the deli if I don't feel like getting the pizza from the warehouse, or I'm in a hurry, and I will load it up with Parmesan cheese and Tabasco sauce so that it won't taste so bad.
So, I'm pretty much eating Parmesan and Tabasco sauce, and that's not really that good of an idea.
How do you like my REAL BLOG so far? There is a chat box that you can add comments or notes to. I appreciate hearing from each and every one of you on what you think of my life.
So, to recap: I smoked, read, did some edits, ate a hotdog, and wrote this blog. Along the way, I have shared some insights and personal knowledge that I hope you found interesting.
I should post again around one.

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