Monday, January 11, 2010

Top Tenning

Top Ten Countries that Annoy me (in no particular order, actually)

10. Britain: For supporting the United States in Iraq against the wishes of the majority of its people. With that said, the fact that its people bad mouth the US as being imperial when they only stopped being imperial 50 years ago while yelling at us for not entering the WW2 earlier kinda chaps my hide. What side is up?
9. United States: I really didn't want to even put the Stars in Stripes in here as America bashing is so vogue, but I have to, considering it aids most of the countries on this list. Also, started the war in Iraq under false pretenses for ulterior motives – accept it.
8. Italy: If you think Clear Channel runs the United States media, take a look at the Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi. He owns half of all the media in Italy and has rewritten most of the nation's laws to protect his own hide from venti embezzling, double booking, and Enronish activities. This guy sticks up for Mussolini and a couple of his aids are ex-fascists. Also, he has admitted that he'll go along with any Bush foreign policy – no questions asked.
7. France: I was no party to the French bashing after Iraq, as I opposed the war. BUT, let's look at the history of France and Iraq, as well as Israel. The French are the originators of double-door action here. They sold the Iraqis plans for a nuclear complex, then later sold Israeli the blueprints of the complex, which Israel then bombed to kingdom come. They may scoff at our illegal war, but it seems like they pulled the same deal we did: sell Iraq weapons, then bomb them...well, by proxy.
6. China: Years and years of human rights violations and all under the watch of post- Nixon America. This is the only communist state we haven't gone after...on purpose.
5. Indonesia: Not only a hot bed of terrorists, but a sickening dictatorship where chewing gum was recently outlawed. Tourists beware: you could be caned for blowing bubbles. Anyone who says "America is Nazish" should visit this country.
4. Pakistan: Currently an American sweet heart, but Musharraf took Pakistan in a military coup and now bitches about the possibility of being taken out by extremist Muslims in a military coup. Not only that, this guy supported the Taliban until they blew a hole in New York. Now, he's on our side, fighting the good fight...with soldiers that want to protect Osama and crew. Throw in the normal human rights violations and a country whose chief export is Heroin, and you have yourself a party.
3. Israel: What bothers me the most is that we support this country, heavily, no matter what. Maybe this should have been a top ten of countries that we support that are really terrorist states....oh, well. This is a country that bombed a battleship of ours during their war with Egypt and some how got away with it. They could plant a nuke in New York and we would still support them. When you have people doing something as insane as suicide bombing, you have to question whether you have made a people desperate. Taking out Palestinian upon Palestinian in the cause of putting up shanty towns in Gaza is appalling. We are, basically, watching what the U.S. systematically did to the Native Americans and we're supporting it. Throw in a Prime Minister who should be up for war crimes in Beirut, and you have yourself a jamboree. Israel is like a child of abuse and the cycle is definitely continuing. Why the support? Bush and the religious right see the returning of the Jewish people to Israel as the sign of the apocalypse that will get the whole "Left Behind" crew into heaven. You think I'm joking? There have been Christian ministers, pastors, etc. who have expressed grave concern that Iraq was invaded to fulfill the Babylon prophecies that relate to the Second Coming. But, don't think it's just the Christians on this band wagon. There is a group of these Right Wing nutballs that actually are funding the immigration of Eastern European Jews to Israel for these Revelations-type principles. And guess who guest starred in some of their online commercials? Right Wing Democrat, blind supporter of Israel and Orthodox Jew, Joseph Leiberman...
2. North Korea: Can anyone in this world be nutty enough to threaten another nation with nukes on a monthly basis? Coupled with severe human rights violations, a clearly insane leader, and a national budget based on drug, weapon, and slave smuggling all going for the arming of a country that has no industry while starving its people and you have yourself a zoo. I know of no other country, including the U.S. and the former Soviet Union, which has used the threat of nukes more nonchalantly.
1. Saudi Arabia: Yep, I think I really am more mad that we support these countries, than what they actual do. I recently watched a 60 minutes where one of these Princes sat and watched TV as the locals read him poetry. He didn't even look them in the eye, it was like watching the kings of old. Oil has bloated the very few and has starved the very poor in this country where basic sewage funds get ripped off by Princes to build Beverly Hills mansions in California. Human rights are a joke, and the poor turn to the Koran for solice...and grow more angry with each page. It's no wonder that most of the 9/11 terrorists came from this country, including Osama. You have a class distinction in this country that reads like Ying and Yang. If it wasn't for oil we would be jackbooting our agenda over there. But, the Saudi's keep us in check by not going overboard and not threatening other countries: namely Israel. But, if you polled the people and this was an actual Democratic country, every last one of them would be voting for more planes to hit NY skyscrapers and more suicide bombers to bomb innocent Israelis. Why the support? Bush is practically best friends with the Foreign Minister and would like everyone to forget that he is a failed oil baron with enormous cabinet ties to big oil. Not only that, he's also worked with Osama on failed oil deals in the early eighties: way to go.

Now, everything on this list is what I have gleaned from the media, both underground and above. Is it in anyway definitive or correct? Who the hell knows. When you think about the fact that Clear Channel is slowly taking over most of the American media, and countries like Italy, literally, cannot find a TV station that ever questions their leaders; it's quite possible that I am clearly wrong on all these counts. Can I responsibly come up with a verdict either way on any of these countries? No more than Winston Smith could figure out whether Eastasia or Eurasia were evil. Bottom line: look at the people and not the government, and furthermore, look at how the country has perverted the people in the guise of religion, defense, and general terror. Most, if not all, of these countries are doing the same thing they've done for ages: attacking us from behind a bed with a big BOO! One thing I am sure of is that people need to take more responsibility for their spiritual views and should walk away from the church, temple, and synagogue and make up their minds for themselves. How can you be taught what's in your soul, or anyone else's, by the teachings of another. If humans don't start taking themselves seriously as individuals, these governments will continue to rape them and rape other countries. So, I think that when Kurt Cobain said "God is gay, burn the flag" he was right. Walk away from the church, but keep your faith and walk away from your country, but keep your identity.

- Chuck Yeager-Seagel

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