Monday, January 18, 2010

Back in the day

Cocksucking Hall of Fame

It's with great regret that I have found myself snubbed in the Blog Hall of Fame.

I understand that writing at a FIFTH GRADE LEVEL doesn't entitle me to all the perks a 5th grader would receive for taking the time to write and use periods. But, c'mon, I was the first person on spaces to use the phrase "Billy Crystal's Hairy Ballsick."

Well, two can play at this game.

I am announcing my own hall of fame.

It's a cocksucking hall of fame.

See, everyone knows a million cocksuckers in blogvillle. Hell, some would call me a cocksucker.

I will begin the nominations now. Please let me know who you think is the biggest cocksucker on MSNSPACES.

Feel free to use me.

I'm going with

While you're there, feel free to nominate me as "Best receptacle for fecal matter."

Vote as often as you feel is necessary.

Also, if you secretly hate someone who comments on your site - use a pseudonym.

Together we can weed out the cocksuckers and clean up MSN.

I encourage you to take this journey with me.

P.S. Nothing against anyone who really sucks cock. I’m sure it’s an amusing hobby.


Harold Apache

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