Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pick Up Lines

Pick Up Lines – That Work!

1. Baby, you are so beautiful. Come back to my car and play with my ding dong.

2. Are those stars in your eyes or were you thinking about my ding dong?

3. I want to make a formal greeting to you, on behalf of my ding dong.

4. Are your feet tired? Because my ding dong is.

5. Ding dong – get me?

6. Have you seen the movie Romancing the Stone? Did you know that there's a sequel – it's called Romancing my Ding Dong.

7. Would you like to come by tonight? Don't knock, just ring the bell – it goes ding dong (grind hips).

8. Would you like some ding dong with those mashed potatoes?

9. I guess you just got caught between the moon and my ding dong.

10. Hello, I'm Arsenio Hall.

Amusing Things to Say After Sex

1. I hope you wanted mayo with that.

2. That was the best one-night stand I've had all week.

3. I believe I ordered the nap.

4. Check please.

5. Do you itch too?

6. I totally didn't think you'd put out.

7. I was supposed to wear the condom?

8. You know...I don't usually do this, but I think I'm in love with you. Just kidding, you're a whore.

9. I'll never wash this cock again.

10. You shook me all night long – like Led Zeppelin. Man, you gotta any Zep over here? Plus, I could use a beer.

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